3D Work

For the majority of my work, I use Cinema 4D in combination with other pieces of software. For rendering in Cinema 4D, I have been using Corona Renderer for over a year now – and it has to be one of my favourite third-party renderers. Feel free to take a look at some of my favourite projects on Behance by clicking on the images/buttons below.

SpaceX - Starship

Updated renderings of the SpaceX Starship, Super Heavy Booster and Starhopper test vehicles. Modelled from scratch in Fusion 360.

RocketLab - Electron

Renderings of RocketLab USA's awesome Carbon Fibre rocket. Modelled in Fusion, Textured in Photoshop and Rendered in Cinema 4D/Corona Renderer.

Blue Origin - New Glenn

My first project made entirely from scratch using Fusion 360 to model. This project took 3-4 days and greatly improved my modelling.

SpaceX - BFR (2018 Version)

Old renderings of SpaceX's Starship, this is the Carbon Fibre version that was recently scrapped in favour of Stainless Steel. Modelling by /u/Wacov

Mellenium Falcon - Shot Remake

Remake of one of the best shots from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This shot was instead framed above the clouds

"Payday" - Datsun

A nice render of a Datsun model I found on Sketchfab. Rendered in Corona Renderer using a Sky HDRI by Peter Guthrie.