Welcome to CBURG.co.uk

This is my personal website/portfolio - where I share my work and resources with the rest of the internet. I'm a Software Engineer primarly, but I have a massive passion for 3D art and Cinema.

At the moment, most of my 3D work is movie posters - usually taking inspiration from the latest movie releases. I've gained recognition for some of my previous work, creating renders of Rockets and Vehicles

I will also be using this website to promote my own software projects - which are mostly VIM plugins at the moment. However, I have developed a number of large applications. For example a Laravel web-app designed for hosting Esports tournaments. This project recieved recognition and an award from the British Computer Society in 2021


EsportsOS is an Open Source web-app designed to make it as easy as possible to plan, organise and particpate in small esports tournaments.

This application was developed over several months as part of my final year project at University - winning an award by the British Computer Society Manchester for best project.

EsportsOS was built using the Larvel framework, making it extremely easy to modify and expand as your events grow.

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VIMBIUS (VIM Basic Input Utilities) is a collection of lightweight functions, designed to be used myself and my colleagues. The aim of the plugin was to provide as many genuinly useful features as possible - without the need to necessarily know VIM like the back of your hand.

The plugin comes bundled with features such as code-snippets, save menus, plugin updaters and template converters.

It's not recommended for users who don't work at the same company as myself, but you might find some of the other features useful!

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FORGE is a plugin designed to keep the user inside VIM when building projects. Users can call a number of common build commands, and FORGE will automatically open a new split showing the live output of the commands. Meaning you spend less time quiting files, and more time rapidly developing your code.

Like VIMBIUS, this was designed purely for my colleagues, and so a lot of the features will be useless for most users. However, you can always fork this project and start to develop your own custom build commands.

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Metro Heights

Metro Heights is a free-running/wall-running game inspired by the world of Blade Runner. The game was created as part of a Virtual Reality and 3D Games Module for my Computer Science Degree.

All assets for this project were made by myself from scratch - so feel free to make use of them in your own projects!

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For my latest 3D Work, check out my full portfolio on Behance


  • Computer Science - First Class Honors Degree from the University of Salford (2021)
    • Final Year Grade: 87%
    • British Computer Society "Outstanding Honours Prize" for my Final Year Project
    • 1 Year Placement with an international software company, developing Warehouse Management Systems in C
  • Computer Science (B), Maths (C) and Physics (B) - A Level
    • Award for Outstanding achievement in Computer Science
  • 11x GCSEs Grade A* to B