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vDOT Font

vDOT is my first public typeface/font. It is designed using a 5x5 Grid of dots - hence the name vDOT. The font was inspired by old analogue displays and linux terminals. vDOT is free to use for whatever you wish, it works great in game UIs and as an alternate terminal font. The project will be updated periodically as I use the font, adding new glyphs and updating older ones.

Note: vDOT was my first proper attempt at a monospace font - I am currently working on a more versatile version of vDOT that will have better legibility and spacing. "vDOT Terminal" will be released in Autumn 2021

DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.1.1 - Published 31/07/2021)
VHS Toolkit

The VHS Toolkit is my first set of resources available for free. This kit (currently) contains 4 high-resolution textures for retro VHS covers. I have also included a texture map for a blank VHS tape.

Each VHS Texture also includes a corresponding Normal map - allowing you to expirement with various levels of detail. The kit will be updated every now and again as I encounter more VHS tapes

Note: This pack does not include any Meshes, it is down to you to create any geometry. However, the maps are laid out in a very intuitive way - so UV Mapping is very easy.

DOWNLOAD HERE (Published 04/08/2021)


  • Computer Science - First Class Honors Degree from the University of Salford (2021)
    • Final Year Grade: 87%
    • British Computer Society "Outstanding Honours Prize" for my Final Year Project
    • 1 Year Placement with an international software company, developing Warehouse Management Systems in C
  • Computer Science (B), Maths (C) and Physics (B) - A Level
    • Award for Outstanding achievement in Computer Science
  • 11x GCSEs Grade A* to B