Welcome to cburg.co.uk - my personal website for displaying my work, sharing assets and everything else I do. This website is an ongoing project, and I will be developing it as and when I get the time.

More about Me

About Me

Hi – my name is Charlie “cburg” Burgess and I am a Computer Science Undergraduate from the UK. I have been studying Computer Science for 2 years at University and I am about to undertake a 12-month placement as a Software Engineer. As well as Software Engineering and Web Development, I am a keen Space and Rocketry fan – leading to the creation of space-themed renders and 3D Models.

I started my journey in 2012, by producing graphics, animations and video editing services for friends and clients on the internet- which helped me earn a decent amount of money while I attended high school. To further my skills and try and “beat the competition”, I started experimenting with 3D Software such as Blender and Cinema 4D – something that at the time, not many people where utilising. After a few years of getting to grips with Cinema 4D (and giving up with blender 😉), I began to produce renders of random things that came into my head. This was mainly landscape scenes and basic 3D models.

Now I am in my second year of University, studying Computer Science. Since starting University in 2017, I have focussed my 3D Skills towards rockets and space related themes. However, I still occasionally get commissioned to do graphic design and other works for small companies/organisations.